Our clients are talking about Grenadier Search Group. Check out these testimonials.

David is a former CTO and has been a great partner in finding strong people. He knows the market and requires only a short conversation and job spec before he is off to the races. He only provides qualified candidates and they will all be worth your time.

Terence Finn Chief Product Officer at Clinical Trial Media

I am constantly hiring and it is critical to have a high signal-to-noise ratio when it comes to candidates. When it comes to sourcing, most recruiting firms don’t know the first thing about engineering or engineering culture; they look for higher-level fit patterns that rarely produce great candidates. Dave Perlman has been an engineer, has built teams and served as a CTO himself, so he gets what we’re looking for at every level. There is no substitute for hard-earned engineering leadership experience when sourcing the folks I want to hire, and it is Dave’s clear advantage.”

Andy Parsons CTO, Workframe

Dave has been a true recruiting partner, which is a very rare thing in the technology world. He works closely with hiring managers to develop a shared understanding of the role, the mission, and the culture and strives to find great mutual fits. He has found candidates that I would have never thought to contact and some of them have been among the best hires I've ever made.

Ben Trent EVP, Technology CafeMedia

Dave is not the typical recruiter: he listens, he offers actionable insights and he has an instinct for the right candidates. He has filled four of our VP roles, and each one with a star.

Klaus Koenigshausen CEO, MediQuire

Even more, here’s what our candidates are saying about Grenadier Search Group.

Working with Dave was unlike working with most other recruiters. His thoughtful and deliberate approach is so refreshing in an industry that can be mechanical. Dave showed genuine concern for my personal and professional growth and took the time to help me find a position that would be a good long term fit. The best part is he’s a nice and friendly guy -- working with Dave was a pleasure!

Alex Levin Director of Growth and SEO, Trusted Media Brands

A lot of recruiters tend to place a heavy burden on the candidate to define their ideal role, "package" themselves accordingly and do a lot of the scheduling/coordination. Dave was much more involved, which allowed me to focus on putting my best professional self forward. Perhaps even more important, Dave is also exceptional at identifying great talent without relying too heavily on automation or keywords. Even though I was in a senior role at an agency, he saw that I had worked at startups in the past and matched me with a VP of Marketing role at a high-growth company. I would absolutely work with him again!

Christine Olivas Marketing & Strategy Consultant

I recently landed my dream job with the help of David Perlman at Grenadier Search Group. Acting as my personal career coach, David helped me figure out exactly what I wanted in a new job, and he helped me formulate a plan of action to find and land that job. He began by interviewing me and learning about me in detail, then proceeded to help me develop my resume(s). David then coached me before each interview, and when I got an offer from the company I was most interested in, David helped me through the negotiation process and evaluation of benefits. Having a professional coach like David made me feel like I had my own 'agent' representing me, and I'm much happier now due largely to following David's direction. Thank you David !

Jeff Brown Manager Messaging and Delivery Services, Dealertrack Technologies

I would never have enough words to thank you David. I had never seen a recruiter being with the candidate in every step of the process. Thank you for everything you had done in this entire 2 .5 months.

Nihar Mishra Technical Project Manager - Clarivate Analytics

And what about Dave?

Dave is a seasoned professional. I had the privilege to work under his leadership and watch with admiration how he managed the whole technology team as CTO. He is honest and I value his advice very much. He speaks wisdom and does not hesitate to take tough decisions.

Dave seems to have this ability to read minds. I have walked into Dave's office couple of times where, before I could say much, he articulated exactly the concern I had at hand, and would talk out a solution or draw it out on his white board. Dave feels the pulse of his team and is very approachable and helpful.

Beno Matthew Director of Engineering, Weight Watchers

David is the best technology executive that I have worked for or with in 30 years. He has the rare ability to grow an organization from the ground up, changing his role from hands-on to strategic as he builds a management infrastructure. His project and risk management skills are also superb; my career has greatly benefited from his mentoring in these areas.

Kathy Santos Webmaster, Town of Lexington

Dave is a pure professional. He is honest, thoughtful, and effective above all else. It has been a pleasure working with him over the past four years. He is a invaluable asset to any technology organization he works with.

Paul Flaharty Senior Regional Vice President, Robert Half