Executive working with team, two women and one man


  • define the job and criteria
  • make the hiring decisions


  • work with you to precisely define the need and develop realistic, actionable selection criteria
  • source candidates, talk with them in depth and share our perceptions with you
  • walk candidates through the screening and interview process
  • help to close them


I am constantly hiring and it is critical to have a high signal-to-noise ratio when it comes to candidates. When it comes to sourcing, most recruiting firms don’t know the first thing about engineering or engineering culture; they look for higher-level fit patterns that rarely produce great candidates. Dave Perlman has been an engineer, has built teams and served as a CTO himself, so he gets what we’re looking for at every level. There is no substitute for hard-earned engineering leadership experience when sourcing the folks I want to hire, and it is Dave’s clear advantage.”

Andy Parsons CTO, Workframe