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David Perlman

David Perlman is the founder of Grenadier Search Group.

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What Makes a Good Client ?

Good clients (hiring managers) are the lifeblood of any recruiting business. Good clients Know how to hire Recognize stars when they meet them Are informed and realistic about the market Understand that every hire has risk Take responsibility for the hiring decision Engage with people – not resumes Can close […]

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Effective Networking

Everyone says that networking is the best way to get a job. And they’re right. Most senior jobs go very quickly by word of mouth across business relationships based on respect and friendship. These relationships exist and flourish simply because they help both participants. The best ones are old and […]

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Winning Candidates

Getting a job is selling a product, but many folks fail to recognize this. Good candidates are good salespeople. Know What You Are Selling What are skills you are offering to provide ? How can you demonstrate them adroitly: convincingly, briefly and at the right times ? Know Who is […]

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The Overthought Hiring Process

A good hiring manager can easily picture the ideal candidate for a given role. The ideal will be a complicated combination of specific capabilities and skills: speaks Hungarian, left-handed, good customer service skills, advanced database tuning skills especially for MongoDB. Sushi chef, New York Jets fan. Then the good manager […]