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David Perlman

David Perlman is the founder of Grenadier Search Group.

Illustration of Grenadiers marching in battle.

Getting the Offer

Smart employers keep it simple. They want to know: Can you do the job ? Do you want the job ? Will you fit in with the team workwise/culturally/socially/chemically ? Smart candidates work out ways to answer “Yes” to each of these questions. Can you do the job ? Confident […]

Illustration of French grenadiers on horseback, led by general

Should We Make the Offer ?

Can they do the job ? If they can’t, it becomes clear pretty quickly. But some people require too much investment; for example when the person’s manager and teammates have to ante up seven ergs of energy to get five ergs of product back. Worse, others do a just-good-enough-to-lose job. […]

Illustration of fusilier grenadier in parade uniform from the Imperial Guard of the Grande Armée. From book of P.-M. Laurent de L`Ardeche «Histoire de Napoleon», 1843

Managing Your Boss

There are as many kinds of bosses as there are breeds of dog or Americans. Basically infinite. The first step is to understand your boss. What are his/her key goals, fears and problems ? What is he/she like as a person: calm, wroth, happy, insecure, proud, ambitious, trusting, greedy, disrespectful, […]

Sketch depicting a French Horse Grenadier and a French Dragoon, by Edouard Detaille

Taking Over a Team

Stepping in as the new leader of a pre-existing team is a delicate situation. Opportunity and risk are entwined and closely balanced. Be Alert You don’t usually get hired to manage a smooth, well-oiled machine. It’s a rescue, and your first job is to figure out where the problems are. […]

Illustration of Napoleon grenadier standing in the forest

Leadership & Decision-Making

Decisions drive actions. Some decisions must be made right away. Others should wait until you get more data. Some should be shared and some should be delegated. Some should be collective, while others are yours to make alone. Often these decision-framing choices are as important as the decision itself. The […]

Illustration of Napoleon grenadier standing with voltegeur

Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is usually not all that common, but it tends to absorb a disproportionate part of our emotional energy. Recognize when not to fight. If it doesn’t really matter, don’t fight. If the prospective opponent is two or more levels below you in the organization, don’t fight. […]

Illustration of French grenadier on horseback

Touching Top Talent

Smart leaders realize that almost every business is at heart a people business. Success very often depends on finding a couple of top 1% performers and facilitating their success, primarily by staying out of their way and allowing them to win. You don’t need a whole team of All Stars. […]