Founded in 2012 we are an executive search agency with over 40 years of hiring experience. We’ve placed candidates across the US in manager, director, VP, C-level executive and individual contributor roles at startups, medical writers, senior scientists, mid-sized and large companies.

We know this is about more than matching requirements to a resume. It’s about asking questions and understanding a company’s needs. It’s about listening to candidates and finding the right combination of skills and fit.

We work with you. We don’t run your reqs through a database.

Our work starts with the hiring company and consists of understanding the role, sourcing the best quality candidates, debriefing and screening before submitting, and closing the best deal for the company and the candidate. Working closely with both sides ensures fast and focused action, clear communication, and, ultimately, a great fit.

During the screening and hiring process, we constantly adjust our criteria to focus on the exact set of attributes and experiences that define “the right fit” for the hiring company.

We don’t play games.

We try very hard to convey the reality of each situation to all the players, and strive to be as transparent as possible while at the same time protecting confidential information.

We know the industry from first-hand experience as a manager and as an executive. We know how to build strong teams and ship quality products. Check out the testimonials from our clients and candidates to see why people keep coming back to us over and over again.

Dave Perlman, Founder

David Perlman photo

A long time ago I set out to become a history professor, but took a sharp right turn into software development and never looked back. After a decade-plus writing code, I slid down into management and, again, never looked back.

I’ve personally hired over 400 people. Most recently CTO at Everyday Health for three years, I’ve led software development, quality assurance, technical operations, and project/program management teams. In other lifetimes, I was CTO at Infinium ASP, VP Technology at Raging Bull and VP Technical Operations at WebMD.

In all of these roles, my success stemmed from the quality of the people I found, hired and developed.

I live outside of Boston with my wife and our dogs. I like to write, cook, eat, and read history books.

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Grenadier soldier in uniform


The first grenades were small iron spheres filled with gunpowder, roughly the size of a baseball. Grenadiers had to be tall and strong enough to throw the grenades far enough to reach the enemy. They had to be disciplined enough to light the fuse and throw at the right moment. As a result, they were regarded as an elite fighting force.

During the 18th century the British army, fielded battalions comprised of eight companies, sorting some of the men into special-purpose companies. One was the Light company, whose men were agile, quick-witted and often used for skirmishing or ambushes. The second was the Grenadier company, whose men were big, strong, steady veterans. These men were used for particularly difficult missions, such as desperate assaults on fortresses.