Winning Candidates

Silhouette of man in front of the word "impossible", pushing the letters apart to read "im possible". Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Getting a job is selling a product, but many folks fail to recognize this. Good candidates are good salespeople.

Know What You Are Selling

What are skills you are offering to provide ?

How can you demonstrate them adroitly: convincingly, briefly and at the right times ?

Know Who is Buying…and Their Biases

Do they want a leader or a sycophant ?

Do they want very specific skills or a balanced A-player ?

Be Honest and Confident

Tell the truth.

Focus the time and your answers on the positive and on the future value you can bring.

Talk modestly but persuasively about the similar difficult challenges you have vanquished in the past.

Be Crisp

Show up for phone calls and interviews on time.

Return important emails relating the job search within 10-12 hours.

Be organized – have a list of questions ready for the recruiter, for the hiring manager, for HR.

Give short direct answers to direct questions unless they are “essay questions” – let the interviewer drive the pace and depth of the interview.

This article was originally posted to LinkedIn